Executive Search/Permanent Placement


Identifying the next leader for your hospital/health system is key to the success of the organization.  The right-hire, truly can have a positive impact regarding patient-care, quality, staffing and financial consequences, as well as other components of today’s complex healthcare environment…. conversely, the wrong-hire can have a significant negative impact!

We conduct searches for all hospital/health system leadership roles ranging from the Department Directors to the C-Suite.

Our Approach

Understand the specifics - We take the time to personally visit your organization; meeting with the hiring authority and other team members affected by the role transition.  Additionally, we like to view the department, facility and the community.  This is a fundamental part of conveying your opportunity to potential candidates!


Marketing/Recruitment – We create informative materials, high-lighting the positives of your organization’s opportunity, appealing to ideal candidates.  We have an extensive database, providing the ability to nationally reach any/all candidates currently serving in the role.  However, based on your organization’s size, complexity, and specific needs, we typically design a targeted, methodical approach.


Candidate Vetting and Validation - We conduct an extensive interviews, references and background checks on all candidates presented.  We get to know everything about the candidate – job history, performance, personal motivators, salary requirements, relocation needs, etc.  As a client, you receive a full candidate profile/write-up containing extensive information, beyond a copy of their resume.


Hiring, Negotiations, and Guarantee – We will be a good partner throughout the entire recruitment process and into the future!  We work with you and the target candidate through final negotiations, hiring, start date, and relocation.  Additionally, we maintain appropriate follow-up communication.  Ultimately, we believe in supporting our work by guaranteeing our placements!


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