Interim Leadership


Leadership transition, at any level, can be a tenuous time for the staff, physicians, and the patients.  It is not simply a matter of maintaining the responsibilities of a role during transition, yet truly understanding the impact of a vacancy.  It is a key time to potentially identify opportunities for improvement and show the staff and patients that they are in good hands.


Our team of Interim Professionals possess extensive experience in their area of expertise.  They are able to quickly hit the ground running and make a positive impact in your organization!

We provide Interim Leadership for all hospital/health system roles ranging from the Department Directors to the C-Suite.


Common uses of an Interim Leadership Professional include

  • Leadership/Management vacancies

  • Role Transition Management

  • Process/Operational Improvement

  • Consulting

  • Survey Readiness


Our Approach


As a client, your specific circumstances are important, we take the time to understand your needs and work closely with you to place the right Interim Professional in your organization.  The individual will land in your facility in a timely manner and continuously provide a positive professional impact, with outcomes, during their tenure. 


Contact us today to discuss a potential solution for your organization!